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Have you moved into a new house with a dull patio, rectangular lawn and bare fences or have you inherited a garden that you just don't like and which doesn't work for you? Has your existing garden got out-of-hand with paving. pergolas and plants that have seen better days?
Years of experience with gardens mean that we know which paving materials, which pergolas, which trees and plants, which hedging etc. work best in which situations. If you would like some advice then we are quite happy to provide this, giving lists of plants, pavers, paving slabs, sheds, pergolas, water features etc. as required.
Ask us for a garden consultation during which we will give you all the advice you will need to start breathing new life into your garden. This will include design suggestions and lists of plants together with paving, fencing, pergola, planter and pond ideas.
A garden consultation takes around 3 hours (for gardens in Suffolk or North Essex). Please enquire for prices. You can also buy this service as a gift for a friend or loved one, on our Gift Voucher page.
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