Complete Garden Design Package

If you want a complete overhaul of your existing garden, we can provide you with an outline design plan for the whole garden which can then be completed all in one go or in stages, as your time and budget allow. We will work with your ideas and your lifestyle needs to produce a plan for your garden which is both beautiful and functional.

Some examples:
  • You want an outside dining area for entertaining, an open lawn where the boys can kick a football and an area to accomodate the trampoline so that you can see it but not so that it dominates the garden! You like roses and would love a border brimming with pink scented blooms and blue and white flowers.
  • You would really love to start growing your own vegetables but don’t know where or how to start. You have dabbled before but never been very successful. Now you want some raised beds so that you can start having a proper go and you would like some advice on what to grow and how to grow it.

The complete design package from Zinnia Garden Design comprises the following stages:


We will visit your home to discuss how you want to use your garden, eg. for entertaining friends, growing your own vegetables, to provide a play area for the children, as a wildlife haven, etc. We will also discuss your likes and dislikes with you in detail. What sorts of plants do you love (or hate) and what sort of garden will fit in with your lifestyle. Do you want it to be low maintenance or do you like pottering? Pictures from magazines or books of gardens that you like are always helpful at this stage. This initial consultation should normally take one to two hours.


This involves taking pictures and measuring your garden. We will also look at its aspect, any changes of level, soil type and the position of fences and boundaries and any features, from sheds to favourite trees, that you wish to keep. We will also carefully consider any views into the garden which need to be screened or views from the garden which can be used to best effect in the overall design.


Planting plan Planting plan Planting plan Sketch plans

This is where we present some ideas to you in the form of "sketch" plans showing the general layout of the garden. You may be asked to choose between various options and, with your feedback, we will be able to refine the sketches to produce an outline plan for the whole garden.


Planting plan

The outline plan is a design for the whole garden and includes the ideas that have been agreed upon.

It contains the position of all existing elements that you wish to keep and the new elements which are being added. It suggests paving materials where applicable and provides recommendations for elements such as sheds, statues, water features, specimen trees and plants.

The scaled outline plan will form the blueprint for your proposed garden.


Planting plan

The plants are the stars of any garden and are what bring the garden to life. We will create unique planting plans with plants that suit your tastes and the growing conditions in your garden. The plants will have been selected to look good with their neighbours and we will make sure that you have an interesting display all year round. We can provide a planting plan for a single border or for all the borders in your garden – it’s up to you. In addition to showing the position and names of all plants that we recommend, we will provide a plant schedule should you wish to source and plant them yourself


At this stage you have a number of choices. We can advise on tried and tested landscaping contractors to build your garden, or we can conduct a tender process on your behalf. We can then be involved as much or as little as you would like. From experience, many clients find it useful for us to oversee the project, co-ordinating timings and making site visits to check on progress. This ensures that the project runs smoothly and to your satisfaction. Alternatively, you are welcome to engage your own landscape contractor to build and plant the garden.



We can arrange to supply all the plants specified in the planting plans. This ensures that the plants are of a good quality and we can make appropriate substitutions if some plants are unavailable. The plants will cost less to you than they would do from a garden centre, since we will make use of a number of tried and tested wholesale and specialist nurseries. At this stage you can choose to carry out the planting yourself. Alternatively, we will prepare the borders as necessary, which may mean improving the soil before planting, then we will make sure that the plants are laid out and planted as per the planting plans.


It is always interesting for us to watch how your new garden grows and evolves over time. Regular maintenance is important in order for your garden to keep looking its best and it is often difficult to know what to do when! We can provide you with a maintenance schedule with tips on how to look after your new garden to keep it looking at its best. Alternatively, we can arrange to maintain your garden on a regular basis.

Please browse our portfolio of beautifully designed gardens. If you like what you see, please get in touch using our contact form, or give us a call on 01787 212264.

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